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Our Services

 PAR Capital is a specialist in business plant and equipment finance.

If the business plant and equipment to be financed is used to generate business income and is a “business critical asset” we can assist normally regardless of the industry. When we say “business critical asset” we mean anything that if not present would affect the performance of the business.

Our range of services will ensure that the most tax effective funding options are available to assist our clients to achieve their desired results. We can arrange finance on amounts from $5,000 to $5,000,000 plus.

Our funding options include:

Term Rental / Operating Lease
Rental Finance is considered the most tax effective way for a business to start using new income earning equipment immediately for a minimal outlay. Ownership of the plant and equipment is held by the financier and it is generally accepted that when plant and equipment financed by this method, the whole of the facility rentals may become tax deductible.
Chattel Mortgage
This has become a popular way to finance the acquisition of business plant and  equipment since the introduction of the GST. Ownership is held by the borrower from day one with the lender taking a charge over the plant and equipment to protect its interests. Normally the interest component of the repayments and the depreciation allowable on the plant and equipment can be claimed as a tax deduction
Commercial Hire Purchase
Used by borrowers that prefer to amortise the debt over a nominated period. Ownership is held by the financier and Hired to the customer. It is generally accepted that the interest component of the repayments and the depreciation on the plant and equipment can normally be claimed as tax deductions. The contract can be structured to include a Balloon payment at the end. Ownership automatically transfers to the customer when the final repayment is received.
Finance Lease
A Finance Lease is structured over specific term with a Residual Value set in accordance with the depreciated value of the plant and equipment financed at the end of the lease term. Monthly rentals are normally tax deductible and generally ownership passes to the lessee on payment of the residual value.
Low Doc Facilities
This facility can allow the funding of Motor Vehicles and some items of business plant and equipment up to $ 100,000 without the need to provide financial statements.

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